Testimonials Received by K'nA Distributors

To K ‘n A Distributors,

Honeywell DMC Services has been a user of the Hot Water Heater Jacket kit manufactured by Environmentally Safe Products and distributed by K ‘n A Distributors since January 2004. We have purchased over 1700 units. The kits are used in two of our programs – “New Jersey Comfort Partners” which cover the entire state and “Philadelphia Gas Works” which covers the city of Philadelphia.

The field techs like using the kits for a number of reasons – the kit takes up less space than a fiberglass wrap; the material does not itch or cause skin irritation; water heaters close to walls can be wrapped and the kit makes for a neater job.

The most important fact is that the heater temperature is usually turned down which makes for energy savings and that is what our programs are about.

Our customers like the neatness and look of the water heater after being wrapped. There has been no negative feedback to date.

We intend to continue our relationship with K ‘n A Distributors, our distributor for the Hot Water Heater Jacket kit manufactured by Environmentally Safe Products.

George Temme
Honeywell DMC, New Jersey


To K ‘n A Distributors,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping us with our purchase of a radiant barrier insulation, Low-E, earlier this fall.

My first contact with you occurred when I came to discover that I could not actually purchase your product online. I was quite annoyed and explained that it was very bad for business. You replied that is was a decision you made so as to allow you to help your customers be assured that they would be happy with their purchase. Right now we are.

You took the time to recommend a product right for our situation, a 150 year old schoolhouse in Maine. When I posed questions about where to insulate you answered without any concern for additional sales. A typical businessperson would have let us do it. You took the time to arrange for our delivery close to our target date. I can not tell you how considerate this was. In addition to all of that you also called us at home to give us explicit installation instructions which were amazingly helpful.

I hope you know how much your effort was appreciated and how rare your effort at quality customer service is these days. I simply can not express to you how grateful we are.

Best wishes,
Erin L. Marsh (Dec 2003)