Low-E Insulation Hot Water Heater Kit

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We offer a kit to add extra efficiency to your water heater.

The concept is very simple, by adding a blanket of Low-E Insulation around your water heater, you are creating a thermos bottle to retain heat in the water tank.

Ordinary water heater wraps are made with mass insulation that only slows the transfer of heat out of the water tank. Low-E has an emissivity of 0.03 which means that only 3% of the radiant energy will escape from the water tank.

In tests performed, Low-E provided extra savings with even the most efficient water heaters.

Instructions for installations are included in the kit.

Low-E is the ONLY Reflective Wrap that PASSED the California Burn Test

Reduce Energy Bill

Environmentally Correct Recycled Polyethylene



Stays in place for the life of the tank

Learn How To Install A Hot Water Heater Jacket