Low-E and Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating provides whole floor comfort. It eliminates drafts and dust problems from forced air and is invisible, no registers or radiators. Low-E Insulation is a great enhancement to any radiant floor heating application. It reflects 97 percent of the radiant energy created by the system, keeping your feet and floor space comfortable. The insulation is tough yet pliable, easy to install. It is also an excellent vapor barrier.

Low-E Insulation will increase the efficiency.

Put in place before the slab is poured in order to stop the slab from seeking the ground temperature.

Installing to the bottom of the floor joists will prevent heat loss.

Provides both insulation and vapor protection.

Not hazardous to health or environment.

Install with a staple gun, utility knife and foil tape.

The product(s) to use for this application:

Low-E Tab Insulation – When the heating system is applied in the floor; Also requires a staple gun.

Slab-Shield Insulation – When the heating system is applied in concrete; puncture resistance of 92.9 psi.

How To Install for a Radiant Floor.