Low-E Insulation in Crawl Spaces

When Low-E Insulation is installed in crawl spaces, the heat rays which flow downward in winter is reflected upward, back into the home. The temperature of the cold floors, which cause cold feet, will be raised while fuel bills reduce, providing for increased comfort.

Low-E Insulation, when installed correctly, is a vapor barrier.

Installed to the bottom of the floor joists it will prevent ground moisture from entering the building; it also stops dry rot.

No support for nesting insects or rodents.

Heat ducts and water pipes do not need insulated when located between the sub-floor and the insulation.

It can be simply patched with foil tape when a tear occurs.

Not hazardous to health or environment.

Install with staple gun, utility knife and foil tape.

The product(s) to use for this application:

Micro-E Insulation – Vapor protection and insulation; Low cost.

Low-E Insulation – Vapor protection and higher insulation value.

How To Install in crawl spaces.