Low-E in the Basement

Low-E Insulation is great as a basement wall insulator. It performs as a vapor retarder, resists fungus and mold and is unaffected by a damp basement. Protecting your basement with Low-E Insulation gives you a more comfortable place to work or play while lowering your heating bills.

Install Low-E Insulation on the exterior wall for a vapor barrier.

It will not deteriorate after years of exposure.

Install over studding or firing strips on the interior wall for both insulation and vapor protection.

Humidity does not affect its performance.

It can be simply patched with foil tape when a tear occurs.

Not hazardous to health or environment.

Install with staple gun, utility knife and foil tape.

The product(s) to use for this application:

Micro-E Insulation - Low Cost

Low-E Insulation - Higher insulation value

How To Install in the basement.